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Mass for the 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time

We should be praying for our country!

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A Novena for the US Election

Dear Holy Cross Family,

With all the many changes going on in our world, and some specific changes now affecting us, I want to take this opportunity to explain and clarify some of the confusion I have been hearing. Since we are still restricted on the number of people who can attend Mass, namely 30 families, I still highly encourage everyone to come to Mass every other week. This system seems to be keeping our numbers within the limits allowed by the Diocese and our space. Please make sure to maintain the 6 ft social distance while in the building.

In addition to the restriction on the number of people who can attend, Governor Bullock issued a mandate requiring the use of masks in any indoor public space. This mandate includes our churches. The Bishop affirmed this mandate for all who come to our public space. A few exceptions to this mandate include those who are engaged in public speaking, giving an address, or performing. This includes those in music ministry, lectors, and the priest. I realize that some of you will be upset by these new regulations. Please remember that these times will come to an end and enduring through trials helps us to grow spiritually and strengthen our resolve to follow true and just laws, namely God’s laws. On the back of this letter is the instruction on wearing masks produced by the CDC for those who would like to wear masks properly and gain protection from their use.

If you have any question on these new changes or would like to chat, please let me know. Let us work together during these times of chaos and confusion to bring the light of Christ to a confused, anxious, and darkening world. Let us never grow weary of doing good and spreading the joy that our God is with us.

Fr. Cody Williams

Welcome to our community of faith.

Holy Cross is a Roman Catholic Parish that serves Christ the King, under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in union with the Roman Pontiff and the Bishop of Helena. Our parish family’s life begins and ends with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, from which all faith, hope, and charity in our hearts flow. We serve Christ the Lord by bringing the Light of Christ to our family, relatives, friends and neighbors.


Father Cody Williams and the Holy Cross community of faith welcome you!  Join us in celebrating Mass at our beautiful parish in Townsend, Montana.


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