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Mass for the 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time 

Dear Holy Cross Parish,

I am happy to announce that we are allowed to resume public Masses! As we resume our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy. If you are concerned about your health or are sick, the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday is dispensed and we would rather you stay home and stay well. Also note, that live streaming will begin this weekend, May 3rd. Please note that we are working to provide a safe environment for everyone to worship and therefore we have some restrictions.

The following are the new restrictions for reopening

  • Mass attendance is limited to 30 families to maintain the 6 ft social distancing standard and to provide the most people we can given this restriction.
  • Please sit at the end of each pew. Pews marked with yellow tape are restricted pews, please do not sit in them. One family can sit at each end of the pew and maintain the directives.
  • Movement in and out of the building must keep the social distancing norm, which means that we will seat you in the church space from front to back and you will leave in the opposite order.
  • The offertory basket will be placed on the gifts table at the entrance to the church. Please place your contributions in that basket on your way in.
  • The sign of peace and receiving the Precious Blood from the Chalice are both dispensed.
  • Everyone is required to receive communion in the hand and the kneelers for receiving communion are removed.
  • Finally, the aisle is marked with 6 ft markers to indicate the distance you must stand from the person in front of you.

I realize that these types of restrictions are new and can seem weird to many of us. I want to remind you of the larger purpose in all of this, we get to worship God. It doesn’t matter if we have to stay a certain distance apart or follow guidelines set by the government, we get to worship God. Let us all work together to provide a safe environment as we await the end of this pandemic. I ask for your cooperation and patience as we work together during this time of crisis. Thank you and I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Fr. Cody

New Assignments are public!

I know that you have all been waiting patiently for the last seven years for some stability. You have to wait no longer! Bishop Vetter announced today, April 29th, that the next pastor of Holy Cross Church in Townsend will be:

Fr. Cody Williams.

I am grateful that I will have the opportunity to spend the next six years with all of you. But this new assignment comes with its challenges. In addition to being named Pastor of Holy Cross, Bishop Vetter also named me pastor of St. Bartholomew's in White Sulfur Springs and St. Joseph's in Harlowton. These additions to my assignment are effective Sept. 1. Over these next few months we will be planning for these changes and making adjustments so that we can all have a smooth transition.

Welcome to our community of faith.

Holy Cross is a Roman Catholic Parish that serves Christ the King, under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in union with the Roman Pontiff and the Bishop of Helena. Our parish family’s life begins and ends with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, from which all faith, hope, and charity in our hearts flow. We serve Christ the Lord by bringing the Light of Christ to our family, relatives, friends and neighbors.


Father Cody Williams and the Holy Cross community of faith welcome you!  Join us in celebrating Mass at our beautiful parish in Townsend, Montana.


M-Thurs at 9 a.m.

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