Wednesday of Holy Week

We all feel like we should trust the Lord, and know that its important to trust him. My guess is that a vast majority of us hope that we will simply begin to trust him someday. Like we wake up one morning with an incredible grace that we completely trust the Lord with all things in our lives. The reality is that trust takes time. We have to work at trusting him and handing over the many things of our lives to him. 

Our readings for today remind us of the level of difficulty it takes to truly trust the Lord. As the Gospel Acclamation acclaims, “Hail to you, our King, obedient to the Father, you were led to your crucifixion like a gentle lamb to the slaughter.” How many of us would grow in trust by knowing that God wanted us to be crucified? My guess is very few. Jesus, however, being God, trusted in his Father in an incredible way. This level of trust is characterized by the first reading from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah and Psalm 69. The Psalm begins with a lament about the treatment of the suffering servant of God by the other people: “for your sake I bear insult, and shame covers my face.” This servant is clearly suffering by the people around him for following God’s ways. Yet, it gets worse. As the psalmist continues we hear that his heart is broken and he is weak, an experience we all have. We know of those moments in our lives when we are so harassed by people or the concerns of the world that it feels as though we are too weak to continue and our hearts are heavy with sorrow. Yet, the Psalm doesn’t end on such a somber note. Instead it ends on a rather challenging and uplifting note: “I will praise the name of God in song, and I will glorify him with thanksgiving.” Even after enduring so much hardship and distress, the response of this man is one of thanksgiving and praise. Reflect for a moment on his response in the midst of suffering.

As we journey deeper into Holy Week and begin our walk with Jesus, remember the example of the man from the psalms. As we follow Jesus to his death and resurrection, listen to him, watch his example, learn from him. How does Jesus trust? How does he deal with the tormentors and tortures? Jesus is our example of trust. He knew that his Father would provide for him in his need even at the moment of death: “Father into your hands I commend my spirit.” Let us give everything over to God. Let us make acts of trust giving over even the small, insignificant parts of our lives to God. Let us be amazed at what God will do and return with a prayer of thanksgiving and praise.

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