Reflection for Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is one of the oddest days to understand spiritually. How am I supposed to feel? Jesus is dead, but my life continues. I know that Jesus will rise from the dead, so what I am supposed to do today? These questions are part of the conundrum that anyone trying to form a spirituality to match this day will feel. Even the disciples struggled to understand what to do. After Jesus died and was buried in the tomb, they went into hiding for fear of the  Jews. Once the fear subsided, namely today, they went fishing. 

Everyone must find their way of living out Holy Saturday. Maybe today is a day of preparation recognizing that we know that tomorrow we celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection. Maybe we keep today as a day of simplicity and prayer trying to cultivate in our lives a sense of the absence that Jesus’ death caused the world and our lives. Our goal is not to make this any other ordinary day. Today is special. Today deserves some special focus. What are you going to do to prepare for the new life that Jesus wants to give you?

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