Wednesday of the 2nd week of Easter

The angel said to Peter and John “Go and take your place in the temple area, and tell the people everything about this life.”

In our modern scientific world where everything is put to the scrutiny of an empirical test, we divide faith and science into two opposed realms. Faith is this nearly magical or fantastical way of seeing the world and science is the concrete reality in which we live. The angel’s words to Peter and John destroy that mentality. Faith and the “real” world are not diametrically opposed but one and the same.

Think of it this way. God created the heavens and the earth; he created the entire universe and everything that is. How can faith in God and the reality of the universe be opposed to one another if they have the same origin? This simple thought gets to my point for today.

We should not be thinking of our faith as opposed to reason or the scrutiny of science, but that the two feed each other and deepening our understanding of the world. When Peter and John preached in the temple area they were explaining to the people the life of the Christian but also that all matters of faith and the revelation of God in Jesus makes sense. Our faith makes sense. It expresses the fullness of the reality in which we live.

Let me make this point simpler. The world we live in is massive and complex. As we explore we learn new things about creation. Does our knowledge of these things cause the universe to get smaller or larger? Do we receive a sense of wonder at the amazement of creation or is it simply another passing idea? Our faith challenges us to see the world as the real world, the world which God created. Our faith challenges us to get in touch with what is truly real: the plants, the animals, the way the stars and planets move, the air, water, and earth. God became humans so that he could lead what he created to himself through his humanity. Our humanity only make sense when we are in touch with the real world. Our faith only makes sense we are in touch with the world God created. 

So take today to get in touch with reality. Go for a walk where the roads end and nature begins. Take today to slow down and touch concrete things, not technology and the virtual world. Watch the passing clouds, the birds fly through the air, the wind rustle through the trees, or the sun rise and set. These things are real and the things that God created.

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